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AI Native Contract Intelligence for Procurement

Reeder One automatically reveals insights at scale

Automated data capture

Vendor scorecards

Contract Q&A

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AI first - the most advanced tech in the industry

Reeder One is the source of truth for enterprise contract management

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Save hours spent reading contracts

Need to know what is in a long contract and don't have time? Ask and the AI answers in seconds.
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Automate Manual Data Entry

Collect 40 standards fields or customize for your needs. Lower costs and improve data quality.
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Vendor Risk

Scorecards show your position with a vendor. Assess risk and overall sourcing position.
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High ROI

Get money from missed SLAs, renewal opportunities, and options. Reeder shows where you are paying too much or missing out on savings.
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See missing contract clauses, coming notices, and pricing escalators. Flag and address contracts with compliance issues early.
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Create RFPs in minutes with the AI's help. Free up your team's time to focus on sourcing strategy and negotiation.
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How It Works

Level up from old tech with an AI wrapper

Step 01
Upload the contracts you need to analyze.
Step 02
Reeder One automatically extracts the insights and data you need.
Step 03
Import data from Reeder into existings CLMs, ERPs, and other systems.
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Procurement accuracy at lower cost with AI
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